Light and Shadow

who we are

from handmade & upcycled items to vintage & thrift finds,

we carefully curate collections that embody what we stand for

the june bug shop is all about creating & repurposing

we create unique and sustainable accessories

& give preloved items a chance at a second-life

most handmade items are made once they are ordered

custom designs are always welcomed & encouraged

we create pieces that will last a long time

with materials that are sustainable

100% zero waste cotton cord for all macrame creations

& secondhand or deadstock beads for most jewelry

*more specific details are found on each product description*

for more information, please don't hesitate to reach out

we are more than happy to answer any questions

email us at

our main goals:

create a community of like-minded individuals

take preloved items and put them back into the circle of life

appreciate handmade items and the craft of creativity

slow down the process of consumption

repurpose out-of-date accessories

reduce the waste produced within the fashion industry

Light and Shadow
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